While their members are busy rearranging furniture

Dostoyevsky compared the seizures to demonic possession, and he often plumbed the agony of them in his writing, including epileptic characters in “The Brothers Karamazov,” “The Insulted and Injured,” and “The Idiot.”Dostoyevsky almost certainly had temporal lobe epilepsy. (As mentioned, the temporal lobes sit behind your temples and wrap laterally around the brain, somewhat like earmuffs.) Not all temporal lobe epileptics thrash and foam, but many of them do experience a distinctive aura. Auras are sights, sounds, smells, or tingles that appear during the onset of seizures portent of worse things to come.

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All of which means, a potential fraudster will leave a financial “trail” which they want to avoid. Some sites offer a premium service where they have verified the owner of the property. This usually involves checking ID and documents relating to the property, for example proof of ownership.

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