“We are considering setting up special economic zone

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This is generally considered as a small tucked away market in the area. The market is renowned for its handmade crafts and some other objects such as textiles, beads, masks, woodcarvings and paintings. If anyone is interested to visit this famous place, it is advised to book Lagos cheap flights deal through the renowned travel agency..

wholesale nba jerseys from china Fertiliser security means that fertilisers should be available and affordable,” he said.In this year’s Budget, the government had announced to introduce direct benefit transfer of fertiliser subsidy to farmers on pilot basis in few districts of the country.To make country self sufficient in fertiliser, Kumar said the government is reviving all closed urea plants across the country.That apart, he said the National Fertiliser Ltd (NFL) will set up new plants for manufacturing of potash and bentonite sulphur in Gujarat and Panipat respectively by end of next year.”We are considering setting up special economic zone for fertiliser sector. We are exploring setting up of such zones in Iran, Alegria and Myanmar where there is availability of natural gas,” Kumar said, adding that this will reduce the country’s dependence on imports.NFL’s Chairman and Managing Director Manoj Mishra said the total investment for bentonite sulphur and MoP plants is about Rs 60 crore.The company posted a highest net profit of Rs 197.09 crore in last fiscal. It also produced highest ever urea production of 38 lakh tonnes with 118percent capacity utilisation.. wholesale nba jerseys from china

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