Upgrade your Chicken Shop

To start earning some more money you will have to invest a little to upgrade the store. We don’t believe in spending money on items that won’t you give you a return.  Hence, all you will need is:

  1. Customer Area  – To make minor but effective modifications to the customer area. It has to look the part, but will depend heavily on what the area is like at present.  These modifications can range from just adding our wall paper to a more comprehensive counter refit.
  2. Store Cleanliness – We only accept stores that will deliver great chicken from a clean kitchen.  Therefore certain checks and cleaning processes may be necessary.
  3. Digital Menu Boards – This is one of the most important parts of our set up, and  is at least highly recommended.  It’ll save you money in the long run any way.
  4. EPOS software – Our software will run on most Epos terminals, so you can keep your existing hardware or upgrade to a shiny new one.
  5. External Signage – We use LED based signage, and this is the most visual part of the upgrade.  The Fascia and projection (if present) signs will need changing.
  6. Marketing – We have a marketing plan to boost sales from day one.
  7. License Fee – currently just £2500! And, for now, we’ll take care of the VAT as well.


Currently all the above can be carried out for less than £13,000.


Apply now to get the process started.