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https://www.wholesalejerseynba.com The third phase will be OTC where we will be looking to obtain a claim for asymptomatic individuals. The goal is for EUA of the first two phases in Q4.”OraSure announced its COVID 19 test updates as part of its financial results for the three and six months running through June.”In the second quarter, our work to leverage our scientific and technological expertise against the COVID 19 pandemic has already generated meaningful revenue,” President and CEO Stephen Tang says in the release. “Our sample collection devices are being used for the collection, both in at home and professional settings, and transport of samples for COVID 19 molecular testing.””We are confident, given our ongoing initiative to scale up our production capacity, that OraSure will be able to deliver substantially increased volumes of collection and testing products, while ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards as we contribute to the fight against this global crisis,” he continued.

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