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Another echo of Purim is found in the Soviet Union a few years laterIn early 1953Stalin was planning to deport most of the Jews in the Soviet Union to Siberiabut just before his plans came to fruitionhe suffered a stroke and died a few days laterHe suffered that stroke on the night of March 11953the night after PurimnoteJewish days end at sunsetyou will see March 1 on the calendar as PurimThe plan to deport Jews was not carried out.

While smartphone use in synagogue is generally frowned upon on Sabbath and other festivals when Jews have to refrain from workingPurim falls in to neither of these categories meaning work and regular routine is permitted.

He carefully plans his actionsprepares the tree and the ropeconfident that in a few momentsthe person who stands between him and his dreams of powerwill be eliminated.

In the twelfth monthwhich is the month of Adaron its thirteenth dayon the day that the enemies of the Jews were expected to prevail over themit was turned aboutthe Jews prevailed over their adversaries.Esther 9:1.

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i seriously wonder if some of the conclusions drawn by those who treat the book of esther as being ahistorical, are affected by how purim can often be commemorated today in various settings.

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