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The first set of seeds did not growI daily worshiped a thin green sprout until it became painfully evident that it was a blade of grassThe second batch of seeds proved fruitfulhoweverand tiny heart-shaped seedlings spread their delicate leaves in our Honolulu homeThat was the beginning.

Srila Prabhupada gave his disciples the following prayers for worshiping Tulasi Devi.

Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani have given Vrinda Devi her role as queen of VrindavanaVrinda Devi may be likened to a grand director or choreographer of the Vrindavana lilaand her parrots are her communication serviceShe always stays in Vrindavanaabsorbed in love for Radha and KrishnaHer great yearning is to expertly arrange Their meetingand by doing this she feels the greatest joy.

At one pointSrila Prabhupada told us that Tulasi Devi was a great devotee of Lord Krishnaand that her husbanda demonwas killed by KrishnaThen Prabhupada stopped short and became thoughtfulMy intuition was that he had given us as much as we could then understand.

Vrindayai tulasi-devyai priyayai keshavasya ca krishna-bhakti-prade devi satyavatyai namo namah.

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