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Calcium channel blockers such as cardizem or tiazac diltiazem , covera hs or isoptin sr verapamil , and others.

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LithiumIncreased sensitivity to the effects of lithiumneurotoxicityhas been reported during concomitant verapamil-lithium therapylithium levels have been observed sometimes to increasesometimes to decreaseand sometimes to be unchangedPatients receiving both drugs must be monitored carefully.

A decrease in metoprolol and propranolol clearance has been observed when either drug is administered concomitantly with verapamilA variable effect has been seen when verapamil and atenolol were given together.

5Patients with atrial flutter or atrial fibrillation and an accessory bypass tracte.gWolff-Parkinson-WhiteLown-Ganong-Levine syndromessee WARNINGS

Acid or sour stomach belching difficulty in moving heartburn indigestion joint pain muscle aching or cramping muscle pains or stiffness nausea rash stomach discomfortupsetor pain trouble sleeping unusual drowsinessdullnesstirednessweaknessor feeling of sluggishness swollen joints.

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of the 49 patients 75 years old or older in the trials, purchase verapamil isoptin 55 patients received at least 48 grams of monobasic sodium phosphate and dibasic sodium phosphate tablets.

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