“Pay As You Go” explained

Whilst helping hundreds of Chicken Shops over the years one complaint has been prevalent amongst franchises of other brands.  That is their disdain for the write my scholarship essay for me charges applied by the Brands  for services that are either not present or simply not worth it.

How the Market currently Operates….

Apart https://jobitel.com from KFC and Nandos – https://xjobs.org (The really successful ones!)
Here is everyone else’s Franchise example of tragic hero Model:

4 Sources of revenue

1. Supply Chain
  • They mark up the supply chain into stores sometimes by up to 100%
  • This is the biggest source of income for many Franchisors
  • Means the Franchisees pay more for all their goods than market prices
  • Means the franchisor will push the stores to buy the goods on which they make their most money
2. License Fees
  • Charge anywhere between £10,000 to 30,000
  • What do you get in return? Apart from the name!
3. Royalty Fees
  • Fixed Fees anywhere between £300 to £1,000 per month
  • Franchisor doesn’t really care how much turnover you do
  • No incentive to improve your sales
4. Commissions on Store Openings
  • Ask third parties to supply you your Equipment and Marketing Materials
  • Their incentive (understandably) is to maximise their profit from you

My Chicken Shop Pay As You Go Concept

1. Supply Chain
  • At My Chicken Shop we make nothing from the Supply Chain – our only incentive is to ensure your customers have the best products and you maximise your profits.
2 License Fees.
  • Usually £12,500 plus vat , but for a limited time only our Initial Fees is just £2500 and NO VAT.
3. Subscription Fees
  • We don’t call ours a Royalty Fee – Simply a Subscription Fee.
  • Just £200 per month.  That’s it!
  • Menu Management £50 per month  (Optional) – for unlimited changes and much,  much more!
4. Commissions on Store Openings
  • You select what you need from our sister sites – no third parties involved therefore the best prices.