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Nitrofurantoin may rarely cause severe and sometimes fatal nerve problems.

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Nimodipine gel capsules are to be taken by mouth onlyThe medicine in the capsule should never be placed into a needle and syringe and injected into a veinIf the person taking nimodipine cannot swallow the capsuleuse a needle to make a hole in each end of the capsuleand squeeze the medicine out into an oral syringeThe syringe can then be used to give the medicine through a nasogastricthrough the nose and into the stomachtube.

The intake of grapefruit juice is not recommended in combination with nimodipine as it can result in increased plasma nimodipine concentrations due to the inhibition of the oxidative metabolism of dihydropyridines.

Avoid drinking alcohol while you are taking nimodipineAlcohol and nimodipine may cause low blood pressuredrowsinessor dizziness.

Nimodipine is in a group of drugs called calcium channel blockersNimodipine relaxeswidensblood vessels and improves blood flow.

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for a full list of ingredients, please read the patient leaflet of your nitrofurantoin tablets.

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