He had a “brain fart” on a play Friday in which he

Since entering the NFL as the No. 1 draft pick in 2015, Winston has thrown by far the most interceptions (88, to Philip Rivers’s second place total of 76) and the most pick sixes (11). Rather than becoming more careful with the ball over time, he set career highs last season in interceptions (a league leading 30, eight more than any other quarterback has thrown in a single season since he entered the league) and interception rate (4.8)..

So which is the real Tom Brady in 2014? The efficient QB of Sunday night against the Bengals or the one who looked like a shadow of his former self six days earlier? The answer probably is something in between. Brady spent years elevating Patriots’ offenses with less than overwhelming talent around him. He probably can’t do that any more at age 37, at least not on a consistent basis.

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“I think for a long time, the model was Michael Jordan do your job, become the best, don’t let politics intrude on your sport,” he said. “I think what we’re seeing now is that coming apart. This is not seen as an isolated event but something that’s happened over the past year, with Ferguson being an inflection point.

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For sure, part of the appeal of football is its violent nature. But many people watch to live vicariously through their home team and many others watch because they can gamble on it through office pools, point spread wagers or, now, daily fantasy sports. The game will not disappear if it is made safer, or softer..

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Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson said he had multiple concussions over his nine year career even though he never submitted himself to treatment. “I know I got a job to do,” he said. “The team needs me out there on the field.”. That didn’t seem to bode well for the Bills’ starting quarterback, Josh Allen, the draft’s No. 7 overall pick who was making his second start. Coming from Wyoming, Allen was thought to be a talented but very raw prospect who would need plenty of time and tutelage before learning the NFL ropes, but he was composed and efficient Sunday.

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