• My Chicken Shop franchise sounds too good to be true! Whats the catch?
    • There really isn’t one. We have set out to put into My Chicken Shop everything a Chicken Shop owner would want.
  • What is the cost of converting a chicken shop to My Chicken Shop?
    • We have provided a rough guide here so you know what to expect, however remember that every Chicken Shop is unique, so you would have to complete the online application form here, and then we could supply you with detailed costings.
  • What do I get for the License Fee?
    • A proven business model – in fact we have, over the decades, helped hundreds of Chicken Shop owners, some of whom have become millionaires from the models
    • A proven modern look
    • A proven menu that reduces Food cost and increase average ticket
    • Access to the tools you need
    • Support when you want it
  • What if I convert and a Dixy Chicken or Chicken Cottage open near me?
    • We have chosen the absolute best for My Chicken Shop from the recipes used to the marketing of the My Chicken Shop Brand.  It would be foolish of the likes of Dixy Chicken to try and compete as they have higher costs, a tarnished brand and no support – see

99 and I believed that was a little cheap, look at this blog but I gave it a chance.