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Etodolac extended-release tablets is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis.

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Bilirubin tests can give a false positive result due to the presence of phenolic metabolites of Lodine in the urine.

Pharmacy had a almost impossible time of getting this medicine which turned out to be a good thing since I had bad side effects from this medicine after only three days of taking it I woke up the next morning with my head feeling like I had been kicked in the temple it hurt me so bad I could hardly function at work as I could hardly walk a straight line my head still hurts now going on four days later I don’t recommend anyony taking this crap.

Taking etodolac and cyclosporine together may increase your risk of kidney damage.

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One tablet dailyswallowed whole with a tumblerful of waterIf a lower dose is sufficientconventional Lodine capsules or tablets may be used.

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