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  • Place fake news online with your free tools for fact-checking bogus stories
  • Place fake news online with your free tools for fact-checking bogus stories

    By Storyful’s Amy Lees and Kevin Nguyen

    Fake news is seldom this simple to recognize.

    Getty Images: RichVintage

    There is absolutely no replacement for diligent research when a journalist fact-checks a tale.

    But you can use to help decide whether what you’re looking at is real or phony if you, the reader, suspects an article, video or image might be fake, there are some simple tools.

    As reporters doing work for an organization that verifies social media content, we spend our time monitoring the depths of this internet, wanting to sort fact from fiction with respect to news providers, like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    They are a few of the low-cost tools we used to do our work — which are available to you personally, in the astounding cost of positively free.

    Digital items can transform drastically with time — sometimes when it comes to even even worse — consequently they are usually changed by better ones, therefore we are maybe maybe maybe not saying these tools are fool-proof. Nevertheless they’re a great starting point if you are seeking to do a little electronic detective work.

    Reverse image queries

    You would certainly be forgiven for seeing this tweet and believing it absolutely was real. Into the wake of this Paris assaults in November 2015, this image had been provided on various social media marketing platforms and showed the bolstering image of the audience keeping illuminated letters saying they certainly were “not afraid”. (more…)