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  • I Am Dating. Once again: The Street to Remarriage
  • I Am Dating. Once again: The Street to Remarriage

    Editor’s note: this informative article initially showed up on LauraPetherbridge.com. Combined with permission.

    “If I experienced a gun at this time I’d shoot you, and my ex-husband.” No words had been verbalized however the thoughts that are hazardous through my brain. Sitting close to me personally had been the naive gentleman whom had foolishly expected me personally away on a romantic date after which had the misfortune of my accepting. My obnoxious mood ended up being caused by the present abandonment by my hubby. Why accept the invite? The loneliness had been overwhelming and we naïvely assumed an innocent date would function as the remedy. I happened to be incorrect.

    Pictures of me snarling “Make My Day” when I slowly inched out of the exact same cool one-sided grin that Clint Eastwood flaunts in Dirty Harry danced within my mind, with weapon at hand.

    Happily, we found my sensory faculties and knew that asking my date to get rid of at a pawnshop to really make the purchase might appear odd. The remainder was uneventful, and I was eager for it to end evening.

    My re-entry to the dating scene didn’t get perfectly, mostly because we attempted it prematurely. Laughing during the memory comes effortlessly now (we wonder whatever took place to that particular guy that is bad), however it absolutely wasn’t funny then. (more…)