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  • My hubby Stan Allen. Cant respond to any communications
  • My hubby Stan Allen. Cant respond to any communications

    My hubby Stan Allen is marketing himself as we seperated after only being married for 3 months on you plenty of fish as divorced, this is incorrect. So he could be a good way from divorced. He additionally smokes dope and stated no to your medications. He could be maybe not just a good guy and is already lying to another individual he meets.


    hi i cant log within my individual name amd password cottagetimes pass is luv2cre81 my e-mail is I became emailed the consumer title and pass and then cant sign in. why?

    We cannot recieve communications. I

    We cannot recieve messages. We dont havr any restrictions on who is able to send if you ask me. many many many thanks

    We cannot recieve any

    I cannot recieve any communications. We do not have a any restrictions on whom can sending me personally mail. i dont understand thanks

    Struggling to shut account.

    I am unable to shut my account. There is absolutely no solution to shut the account , no “Unsubscribe ” methodology. That God I didn’t get in on the automated renewal compensated variation. to any or all the posters above who wish to log on to POF go on it from me personally , the free system will probably get inadequate outcomes and even worse you can not eradicate the dang thing together with spam that accompanied it. (more…)