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  • Changing a Refrigerator Water Provide Valve. So how exactly does a water supply valve work?
  • Changing a Refrigerator Water Provide Valve. So how exactly does a water supply valve work?

    In the event your fridge features a water and ice dispenser function, and even simply an installed ice manufacturer, a water supply valve is needed to get a grip on water getting into the applying. The supply valve is generally positioned during the bottom rear for the fridge behind an access panel. The home’s water supply ordinarily travels through copper tubing connected to the valve inlet slot.

    The supply valve is a component that is electrically-control inlet and outlet water ports and something or higher solenoids.

    When signaled with a control board, the solenoid or solenoids will available to enable water to enter an inlet hose which directs water with an optional water filter to your dispenser and/or to an ice maker tray fill tube. In the long run, the solenoids can fail or calcium deposits can develop into the valve producing an obstruction, leading to the ice manufacturer struggling to create ice and restricted, or no, water taken from the dispenser once the lever is pressed. Since water supply valves can not be easily cleaned or fixed, a valve that is malfunctioning be changed with a brand new one.

    Simple tips to change a defective water supply valve

    • Unplug the power cord that is refrigerator’s.
    • Shut the water supply off to your fridge.
    • Pull the fridge out of the wall surface.
    • Unthread the screws to get rid of the low access panel that is rear. Bear in mind, you may have to detach the copper tubing or water that is incoming through the inlet valve slot before you completely eliminate the panel.
    • Detach the water that is incoming through the water supply valve inlet slot when you yourself haven’t done this currently.
    • Unthread the screws to discharge water supply valve mounting bracket or plate through the ice box framework. (more…)