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  • Law Scholar Research Finds Ministers Struggling to handle Payday Lending
  • Law Scholar Research Finds Ministers Struggling to handle Payday Lending

    Newswise — Pastors have actually constantly ministered for their flocks about economic things, reminding them associated with things that are good Bible claims about thrift and self-reliance, and exactly how it criticizes such exploitive techniques as predatory financing.

    But a study that is recent University of Iowa legislation student Jonathan Landon reveals that, just as in a lot of other messages, their testimony does not constantly cope with.

    “It implies that some Christians’ knowledge of their Christian calling doesn’t expand to realms like economics,” composed Landon, a year law student that is third.

    Landon’s research had been section of a course task for professor Katie Porter taking a look at just just just how ministers preach about economic problems and whether it affects their congregants’ behavior. Through a variety of interviewing ministers, watching and playing sermons online, and reading through volumes of publications and pamphlets made by different Christian denominations, Landon took a snapshot of just exactly how religions addressed questions that are economic.

    just exactly What he discovered had been that a lot of ministers and churches preached the Bible communications of residing within an individual’s means and an financial form of the Golden Rule: treat other people in monetary issues while you want other people to take care of you. (more…)