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Zanaflextizanidinefrom Acorda Therapeutics is a short-acting drug used to manage spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuryIt blocks nerve impulsespain sensationsthat are sent to the brainBecause of its temporary effecttreatment with tizanidine should be reserved for moments when spasticity relief is most important.

Flexeril was one popular brand name for the drug cyclobenzaprineAlthough the brand Flexeril is no longer availablemany doctors still use its name to refer to cyclobenzaprineCyclobenzaprine likely treats fibromyalgia by increasing the effects of norepinephrinea substance in your brain and spinal cord that helps reduce pain signals.

Before having surgerytell your doctor or dentist about all the products you useincluding over-the-counterOTCdrugs.

This is not a complete list of possible side effectsIf you notice other effects not listed abovecontact your doctor or pharmacist.

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