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Info guides 3549 indinavir tradename crixivan in europe is a protease inhibitor that was generally used with a boosting dose of ritonavir.

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If you miss a dose by less than 2 hourstake the missed dose as soon as you remember itHoweverif you miss a dose by more than 2 hoursskip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing scheduleDo not take a double dose to make up for a missed one.

In Phase I and II controlled trialsthe following adverse events were reported significantly more frequently by those randomized to the arms containing CRIXIVAN than by those randomized to nucleoside analoguesrashupper respiratory infectiondry skinpharyngitistaste perversion.

For many people with HIVthe use of ART has increased their CD4cell counts and decreased the amount of HIV in their bloodviral loadThese beneficial effects help to reduce the risk of developing a life-threatening infectionNeither indinavir nor any other anti-HIV medication is a cure for HIVIt is therefore important that you do the following:

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