Both sides know that Osemele’s right labrum is torn

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wholesale nba basketball Set WeatherKelechi Osemele believes he needs surgery now. The Jets have not commented but, according to a source, they think it can wait until after the season.Both sides believe they have the medicine on their side.”The conflict is that the team doesn’t think that I’m in pain,” Osemele said.Both sides know that Osemele’s right labrum is torn. Both sides know the initial injury was sustained prior to this season, while Osemele was playing with the Raiders.That, in the Jets’ mind, seems to be proof that Osemele can keep playing and put off surgery; after all, he played the first three games of the year injured.Plus, the first two doctors that weighed in on Osemele’s injury boiled their opinion down to this: Surgery is an immediate option if his symptoms warrant it.That “if” leaves some gray area.”The team’s position is that I can play through this injury because I started the season playing with the injury, is their stance,” Osemele said wholesale nba basketball.

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