1 ranking in the AP Poll and came up just short of a

Different organizations have different suggestions for how much water a person should drink in a single day. Healthline, for example, cites the rule, which states that most people should drink an eight ounce glass of water eight times a day. This would equal about two liters a day.

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How long will human beings be the dominant species on the planet? One scientist argues that the reign of humans is coming to an end. Dr. James Lovelock recently contended that humans will be overcome and replaced by cyborgs. Microsoft tested Project xCloud on iOS devices in a closed public preview with 10,000 users, but that preview came to an abrupt end earlier this week. The Microsoft streaming service won’t land for iOS users, and many gamers are angry about that rejection. Apple has now offered details on why the service is banned.

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Many of such protection cosmetics have sparkles that provide your hair with healthy glow. It will be especially good for dry hair. The evening period is the golden time to abosorb. Another thing you should keep in mind is if you try to take the help of your mutual friends to get your ex boyfriend back, it can backfire on you. Your ex boyfriend can assume that his mutual friends are closer to you than he. And this is what you really don’t want to happen.

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