Why choose My Chicken Shop?

You’ll be in the hands of experienced individuals who care

  • My Chicken Shop is a family run franchise, the founder of which, Atif Mahmood,  has decades of experience in the industry. He joined his father’s company Dixy chicken in 2005, that the former had set up in 1986.  Utilising his dynamism and entrepreneurship he quickly transformed the Dixy chicken franchise from a tired old concept to a vibrant new brand. Thus propelling Dixy Chicken to exceed 100 stores both nationally & internationally within 3 years! His professional & unique approach led to Dixy chicken attracting the attention of one of the largest brands in the world, with a Joint Venture following and the impending demise of the Dixy Chicken Brand with all international stores closing and the prominent UK stores leaving. (See www….)
  • Fed up with the unethical practices that are rife in this industry, Atif wanted to head a business with a strong moral compass and also wanted to create a fresh & unique franchise concept. After years of development, finally My Chicken Shop is ready to franchise.

My Chicken Shop is a franchise built to grow your sales and maximise your profits

  • We have taken a proven Business Model and made it even more lucrative by converting it into a Pay As You Go Model.
  • Over the years the wants of the consumers has changed. Hence, My Chicken Shop is the only franchise to offer Click & Collect and Home delivery services without commissions, the latter of which has grown exponentially over the years.
  • With a unique name and menu with professional, unrivalled branding and marketing to stand out in crowded high streets and drive your sales.
  • We have built the franchise from the ground up taking great effort in reducing all your costs – from using LEDs in the signage and Menu boards to using the most energy efficient equipment.

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